Netizens criticize LE SSERAFIM’s singing skills after watching their encore stage on M Countdown today

LE SSERAFIM’s encore stage on M Countdown today

1. I’m really jealous of people who are successful even though they don’t have any skills

2. Doesn’t anyone sing the correct tune? Are they singers?

3. Among the 4th generation female idols, they seem to perform live the worst

4. I don’t know because I don’t know that song

5. Maybe it’s because my expectations were low, but it sounded good

6. I think it’s fine, except for Sakura

7. Sakura, what are you saying in English?

8. Kazuha and Chaewon did so well

9. I think everyone is fine except Sakura

10. Well.. I guess the backup dancers can sing better

11. Why are they nervous even though they are standing still and singing?

12. I think everything is fine except Sakura, but aren’t they a group that usually sings well?… Sakura needs to practice more

13. This was my first time watching the encore stage and I felt embarrassed.. It seems like they’re a group that’s only good at dancing

14. Honestly, I can’t believe they’re singers

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