Netizens criticize SM for NCT’s infinite expansion system

NCT, is the infinite expansion system the answer?

SM announced their plans to launch the ‘Welcome to the Neo City’ global audition

SM revealed that individuals who pass the audition will be offered an exclusive contract with SM, and get a chance to possibly debut as a NCT member in the future

1. When will you form a new group with Sungchan and Shotaro?

2. Please take good care of the kids right now… Seriously

3. I really don’t understand the system, there are too many members

4. I haven’t understood this system for 7 years

5 .Please, please debut a new 4th generation idol boy group

6. Since the time Mark rejoined Dream, the system seems to have been ruined

7. It’s not good for the fans and singers, but it’s good for the company, so I don’t think SM will give up on this system

8. I don’t think it’s a bad system, but the problem is SM can’t manage

9. There are too many members.. I don’t know their faces, I don’t even know their names

10. Just debut a new boy group

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