Netizens criticize the Ministry of Defense for trying to take advantage of BTS even after enlistment

Ministry of Defense “If BTS wishes, they can participate in public service events after enlisting”

Ministry of Defense, “If it is for public service to the nation, or for national events or performances which benefit the nation, BTS will be given the opportunity to participate in performances and activities should they wish.”

1. Stop it, stop it!!!!!!

2. They mean they’ll let BTS work like slaves

3. Leave them alone, seriously… I’m sick of the Ministry of Defense

4. BTS is really pitiful. Leave them alone, ba$tards

5. They use BTS’ overseas fandom to make money and
pretend to give them opportunities

6. Ba$tards, is this what they really want???

7. Please let them live their military life in silence, don’t tell them to do anything else

8. Why do they treat BTS like celebrities? No, please treat BTS like normal soldiers

9. They go to the army because they are ordinary young men, so treat them like other soldiers

10. I’m tired even though I’m not a fan

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man this is what I’m scared of


yikesss, shameless bunch


Since you couldn’t even treat them right in these past few years, then at least have the courtesy of leaving them in peace.

Gi Gi Hakusho

I’m so sure if they go together they are going to gaslight them into doing performances for them and they plan to profit from it. Don’t go together!


what’s so weird about this? they’re literally giving bts extra privilege saying they CAN perform together if they wish to, which means the hiatus won’t harm their career as much bc they can still show off their performance as a group which helps with continued buzz and relevancy if they wish. if they want to be normal soldiers they can just not take up the offer. y’all are too sensitive, they’re like late 20s early 30s men they can choose for themselves..


BTS cant make money while enlisted other than the wage the government gives them and revenue from previous albums ect meaning that if bts did a concert the Korean government would get all profits and bts would be operating at a net loss.


it’s not a privilege when any performances would have to be prepared on top of their duties as soldiers plus they’re not getting paid for it… not to mention “national events” might mean working with and supporting the current misogynistic president 🤢


So are you saying that athletes aren’t ordinary men so they deserve to be exempted? make it make sense haters


None of the celebrities are treated like normal men in military. All your kpop idols if they have some name revognition go to the celebrity unit for performers or public service.


We are still free from bad music!!!! Preach

But I wasn’t done…

Not with ur faves still terrorizing the music industry babes


Better than some heavy autotunes mediocre songs


And still singing live on stage while your faves lip sync on the stage, mic nvr on


Apparently not according to the streams and charts. Your flops flopping as usual with their construction music

But I wasn’t done…

BTS shouldn’t do a damn thing. Korea gave them nothing for their contributions so the favor should be returned

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