Netizens criticized after ITZY Lia updated her Instagram

ITZY Lia updates her Instagram

1. Well, her life is still good even though she used to be a bully

2. She’s really shameless

3. Why doesn’t she have black hair? She looks better with black hair

4. She’s really shameless.. For idols, Hyunjin and Lia did well, the other agencies have learned bad things from them

5. Is this person a bully? Oh my God..

6. I want to see her with black hair. Black hair suits her so well

7. I can’t even listen to ITZY’s songs because of her.. I feel uncomfortable

8. Why are you guys talking about her as if her school violence was confirmed?

9. I think she suits Hyunjin so well

10. Kim Garam, Seo Soojin, Hwang Hyunjin, Lia should retire from the entertainment industry

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