Netizens criticized after Lee Seung Gi updated his Instagram

Lee Seung Gi updates his Instagram

1. I think he’s greedyㅋㅋ Whoever he marries, he wants to get all the love of his fans

2. You can’t have it all, let go of your greed

3. I just don’t want to watch you on TV anymore. Just get married and live happily with your family

4. Does he still have fans?

5. Seriously, I don’t want to see you on TV anymore

6. Didn’t he get married because he didn’t care about the fans?

7. If he chose that marriage, he’d know the public and fans would turn their backs on him, but he’s greedy…

8. I’m so disappointed with Lee Seung Gi that I’m speechless

9. It’s not that he didn’t know the reactions of the public and fans, but why..?

10. Don’t try to be liked by the fans while doing what the fans hate

11. Looks like a lot of fans are leaving the fan club

12. I think if you love your fans, you have to accept them leaving no matter what

13. Isn’t that a choice between money and fans?

14. Do you really care about your fans? I’m so disappointed

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Yoo yaho

Hufftt … K-netz ohhh k-netz


His gf likes to show off luxury item that come from scamming money. There are 300k victims and many of them commit suicide. Her biological father is also a criminal lol

WhatsThe Point

I don’t understand? They’re mad that he got married?


He’s married to the family of scammer

It is what it is

I would totally agree they get mad because of the family he’s gonna get married but I also think a lot of them don’t like that he’s getting married


Lol no. He’s not an idol and they don’t have any problem when he is dating yoona


his fans are majority grown they don’t care they just didn’t want him to be with a scammers daughter


To the fans of Lee Seung Gi, I hope you all realised that whatever you saw on TV was just a made-up character of your idol. I always believe birds of a feather flock together, just like how he chose to marry the daughter of a scammer who caused hundreds of people committed suicide because he is a human with no conscience. You guys can say that his girlfriend who is daughter of scammer should not bear the crime of her parents, but she always flaunting her luxury life on social media. So do you really think she does not spend even an ounce of her parents’ money that came from scamming people? If she is truly a good people, why would she flaunt about her luxury life eg house, car and etc, when she knew that the life she enjoyed came from her parents scamming people that is not only ruined the life of other families, but also caused those people to commit suicide.


Ikr. Look at SNSD Tiffany for example. She cut off her ties with her father after finding out he scammed people.


This is absolutely wild, kind of puts into perspective that kdrama actors just aren’t nor al actors because they are essentially treated as idols. Like I literally do not care about my favorite actors love lives, let alone STOP WATCHING THEM because they find someone they love.


So the victims are not humans? They lost their families, money, and much more while this girl lived off the victims’ money. Knetz are bad, but inetz are worse. Supporting a criminal act but becoming a baby that screams and cries if idols do cultural appropriation


you think it makes sense for him to scream from the roof tops that he was scammed by his company but then marrying into a family of scammers what’s the difference between him and his wife’s family victims?


The irony that he sue his agency for scamming but married to a scammer family


And some of his fans are victims from his in law’s family


After ignoring your fans after they basically begged you to reconsider marrying into a family no only scammed but ruined families through suicide or bankruptcy ruining any prospects for the victims children he now comes back with this… tsk tsk

Last edited 1 month ago by lol

Isn’t his gf the little sister of the women who is getting linked to BTS jk nowadays?


I am just asking btw for curiosity…no hate tho.
Meanwhile I really hate scamming and if he went on to marry scammer family it is on to him if he lost lots of fans.


Didn’t both of sides deny that rumor for ages?
They bring that again bc Hype and SM things.


Yes, the one who was friend Jung joonyoung and known for her club life with seungri and burning sun members .
The one who played Ruby on yumi’s cell


You know some korean celebrities cut ties with their parents bcs they’re criminals. But some celebs don’t do that, they even enjoying the scam money. So I think it’s clear that their personalities are bad they don’t care with their victims as long as they’re happy.


her step father is swindler and her biologic Father Im Young Gyu was arrested for violent acts in a bar and to Served six months in prison with a probation of two years at 2015 the fact that he has several other similar instances on his record.he’s fighting against scammers in his previous company, yet he marry a scammer ’s daughter.


asking Yoo Jae Suk to host their wedding.if he thinks of Yoo Jae Suk, he shouldn’t ask a favor. he is so selfish . he want to take advantage of him for approving their marriage

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