Netizens criticized after seeing BLACKPINK fans making malicious comments about Kim Yuna under Jisoo’s post on Dior’s account

The official account of Dior Beauty posted photos and videos of BLACKPINK Jisoo

1. I went to their Instagram and saw the comments, the comments of BLACKPINK fans there are disgusting

2. She can’t dance, sing or act, so she can only stick to the “Global” ambassador. If Dior didn’t say ‘global’ they would be terrorized, so they would add ‘global’

3. Jisoo didn’t do anything wrong… It’s the fault of the fans.. Please respect the other ambassadors

4. Her greatest achievement is becoming the Dior ambassador? Well, the greatest achievement, the #1 legend in the world

5. Crazy…. Jisoo’s greatest career in life is becoming a global ambassador for Dior?

6. Don’t touch Yuna, are they crazy? I’m really annoyed when I see them attacking Yuna’s career

7. Why are Jisoo fans obsessed with Dior Global?

8. No, to be honest, BLACKPINK or Jisoo are not the most popular idols in Korea, Kim Yuna used to be the #1 in the world when she was active

9. I guess Jisoo’s biggest achievement is being an ambassador

10. BLACKPINK is always criticized for their fans

11. Who is Jisoo? Queen Kim Yuna is a living legend

12. It’s a pity that Jisoo’s image is ruined because of fans who are obsessed with global ambassadors

13. If I were Jisoo, I would really feel embarrassed for the fans

14. BLACKPINK fans should apologize to Haerin and Kim Yuna

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sea stinks acting like monkeys as usual


Blackpinks biggest achievement is being ambassadors lmao


Dont forget coachella headliner lol. Cant believe they are proud with that when the crowd is dead af lol


#8 ate

Ladyboy Lisa

Well it’s blink, they want to compare a dozen with Korea national hero 😂




Knetz spilled


Real talented people get insulted every fucking day because of bp fans.


Lol, stupid blinks are getting what they deserve

Teenaged puppy

Fag blinks are so toxic and jobless. Like idol like fan ig

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