Netizens criticized after seeing Kim Do Yeon and Lee Naeun hanging out together

Lee Naeun posted a new picture recently (+ Kim Do Yeon)

It’s like they visited a store in Seongsu-dong

1. Kim Do Yeon, bye..

2. You don’t even have to curse at her, but.. “Naeun fighting~” Are you serious about these comments?

3. Stop paying attention to them and take care of Hyunjoo

4. Who is Kim Do Yeon??

5. I didn’t know that Lee Naeun and Kim Doyeon were so close

6. You have to be shameless to be a celebrity

7. Why is Kim Do Yeon so close to her even when she knows she’s a bully…?

8. How can she befriend a bully…?

9. Kim Do Yeon-ah, I’m so disappointed

10. People who support Lee Naeun, I hope that they will meet someone like Naeun and become a victim

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