Netizens criticized after seeing the ticket price of NCT Doyoung’s solo concert

NCT Doyoung’s solo concert – Kyung Hee University Peace Hall (VIP 198,000 won / Standard 154,000 won)

1. Wow, when did concert ticket prices become this expensive?

2. Does Doyoung have his solo album?

3. Wow the ticket prices are really crazy

4. Why is it so expensive…?

5. 200,000 won?????????????????????

6. I was really surprised when I saw the ticket price

7. Has Doyoung’s solo album been released yet? Does he have enough songs to hold a solo concert??

8. Fans must be going crazy over ticket prices

9. Do they have a conscience?

10. Why do you curse at HYBE?

11. Wow, but concert ticket prices are too high

12. I really want to go to Doyoung’s concert… but the price is too expensive…

13. Wow.. it’s really expensive

14. Isn’t this his first solo concert? It’s so expensive

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