Netizens criticized after seeing Yeji being scolded by Park Jinyoung in the recording studio

Yeji was scolded by Park Jinyoung in the recording studio

He turned off the microphone and went into the recording studio

The reason is that she didn’t have any feelings when she sang “Me” in “Choose Me”

1. The kids must be really nervous every time they record, stop it

2. I think Yeji sings live much better than Park Jinyoung;

3. Was he filming his own drama?

4. When I watched the video, I thought Lia was crying too

5. The fans will be sad, who wants to see their idol get scolded and cry?

6. There’s a reason why singers under JYP leave the company

7. Why did they reveal this???? Who wants to see something like that?

8. I’ve never been touched by Park Jinyoung’s song, he’s not a good producer

9. I understand Park Jinyoung’s musical ambitions, but I hope he changes his directing method a bit

10. At that time, Yeji was sick and her throat condition was bad

11. I really don’t know why they revealed this

12. Park Jinyoung… I think he should learn from Soyeon how to direct properly

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