Netizens debate whether BTS would do well if they left and established their own company

But I think BTS would do well if they left and started their own company

On the contrary, I think the staff will be chosen as people who are good at their jobs and the fans will also support the members a lot

1. Why would BTS leave the company they built with their own money? (Of course, I understand how you feel)

2. I think BTS would make more money and their work would be better if they left

3. Because the employees want to work with BTS, not HYBE

4. I wanted them to leave but they renewed their contract so I had no choice but to keep quiet

5. But BTS renegotiated the contract and said they would trust Bang Si Hyuk again, but nothing has changed.. Bang Si Hyuk is also busy producing other groups

6. I think it would be good if they left and did individual activities

7. I really don’t know

8. Those who can’t work should leave. Why would BTS leave after they built HYBE?

9. No matter what, fans should trust and respect BTS’s decision to renew the contract with HYBE… I don’t understand why you are so stubborn about what you think is right

10. It’s a company built by BTS so they won’t leave

11. Why? All the connections BTS has built in the US are in HYBE, so why would they throw them away and leave?

12. But it’s unfair because BTS built HYBE… I just hope HYBE wakes up

13. Isn’t the group name just a brand value?

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