Netizens debate whether EXO ‘Growl’ or BTS ‘Dynamite’ is more successful in Korea

Growl vs Dynamite, which song is more successful in Korea?

Both songs are mega hits, but which song is more successful domestically?

Growl – vote up
Dynamite – vote down

[+1106, -477]

1. [+625, -155] Of course it’s Growl..?

2. [+460, -101] For Korea, it’s Growl

3. [+328, -477] Can’t compare, isn’t it Dynamite?

4. [+174, -183] How the hell do you think Growl is a mega hit? It ranked 12th on the annual chart. Of course the song is good, but do you think it’s the best hit song of all time because you’ve lost your memory? In terms of domestic achievements, Dynamite is overwhelming

5. [+149, -26] Growl… I miss the Growl era

6. [+127, -17] I’m just a passerby, I think it’s Growl

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