Netizens debate whether (G)I-DLE’S TOMBOY is at the level of ‘Next Level’?

Was (G)I-DLE’S TOMBOY at the level of Next Level?

I think these two songs are equally popular, they both achieved #1 digitally

What do you think when people claim that Aespa’s Next Level is a mega hit?

[+32, -296]

1. [+345, -163] Song-wise, TOMBOY wins

2. [+264, -18] But Next Level’s dance seems to have gained more buzz..

3. [+215, -57] First of all, I don’t think you can compare a song that’s a remake with a song that is actually an original songㅋㅋㅋㅋ… Personally I think TOMBOY is better than Next Level

4. [+104, -15] Next Level is crazy and everyone from young to old knows it. It even appeared during on election campaign broadcast

5. [+97, -16] You guys really think TOMBOY is a mega hit?

6. [+93, -8] Honestly, I don’t think that TOMBOY is a mega hit

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