Netizens debate whether NewJeans did sajaegi or NewJeans is the public’s pick

NewJeans who is popular but not popular at the same time

Today’s Mubeat voting

Their score on Music Bank yesterday

A group who sold 700k copies in the first week had 1000x times less votes than a group who sold 120K copies

And there was this post too

[+414, -252]

1. [+244, -174] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ As expected, I thought it was weird. Their sales are just ok but their digital ranking is weird.. They don’t even have foreign fans

2. [+232, -70] When IVE’s After Life was doing well, they were getting hate for suspected sajaegi. Looks like people will do the same with NewJeans this time. All groups that are doing well will be accused of sajaegi once

3. [+229, -140] They didn’t have any fans signed up for their music show’s pre-recording so they’re using the airline crisis as an excuse for not attending

4. [+200, -133] There are so many talks about them manipulating the Melon chart

5. [+170, -21] That’s because NewJeans is the public’s pick

6. [+97, -47] Isn’t NewJeans the public’s pick?? IVE has core fans because they have members from Produce

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Are 500 playlists included the ones that fans make ?

Anyway why are people surprised about this ? Just because you topped k-charts does not mean you have a stable , strong core fandom. Newjeans for now have tons of casual listeners , public picks of course . Their fanbase overall is still weak . Casual listeners /public just listen to your song and call it a day. They don’t go and spend their time streaming and voting.


yes the playlisting includes the fanmade or personal playlists


no the play listing for major Spotify playlists that ppl have on. ppl get huge amount of listeners w this. if u have a lot of playlistimg it’s almost like radio payola


The figure for playlist reach is probably more important




gg stans are known to be weaker when it comes to voting compared to bg stans tho?

new jeans don’t really have a strong core fandom yet but the public knows their songs. i bet more people would know a new jeans song compared to an astro song.

also, is playlisting that bad or is their label doing their job in making sure their songs get as much as exposure possible?


Seeing how none of BTS songs have that amount of reach it’s really unfair. And it’s not illegal, ofc, not like sajeegi is, but it’s highly unethical, like radio payola is, so, where to go from there


This is old school SM sajaegi strong physical with no real public supporters nothing more than bundle numbers


public don’t concern themselves with voting-for-fans event


Then who buying the album? Gp??


non hardcore fans do buy other idols albums, surprise surprise. but I’m talking about that mubeat voting


Half of their album sales from china. Nowadays, alot of international fans buying.


Lots of ppl…esp bc oackaging is cute and nostalgic. I bought both their albums and i dont think i would call myself a stan. I just like their songs


buying album takes 1mins. voting take hours or days so?


Yes gp do buy album. I am a oncezen but I have bought albums of BTS skz shinee key too. Just because I wanted to even tho I am not a part of their fandom or fanbase but if I like their album and songs I will buy it.
But fandom is needed because gp is not always going to buy your album. That is what happening to nj rn too. They are in gp eyesight so rn their album sales will be high. Their credibility will be tested once that gp attention shifts which will eventually happen. Rn people like their songs so they are buying their albums. Some even buy for aesthetics. I bought key’s gasoline for that ngl.

Kpop Boomer

When they try something else other than the 90’s/Y2K concept and sound, that’s when we’ll see if they can retain the gp’s interest. I feel like it’s become a blessing and a curse because this is what’s trendy right now and they’re finding great success with it, but also the gp will probably closely associate them with this style. So once they decide to try something different, it may turn them off of them, at least that’s what I’ve seen happen with other groups in the past.


2 fan vote points when most groups get at least a few hundred (nugu groups) to 2000 for astro is really suspicious.

Not sure what the conversion ratio is, but 5 nj + 10 parents + 1 mhj + 1 manager + 40 classmates x 5 (200) + 50 friends from before x5 (250)+ 200-500 Hybe staff members= 667-967 votes. 2??? Is seriously suspicious. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was some local sajaegi/ streaming inflation/ contract with part-timers to mass stream or some form of rigging. Did brave girls/ laboum atlantis resurgence (also public picks) get such low scores???????


So braveg got 934 audience votes & 511 fan votes. rolling was way more viral than nj, but maybe 25 times more viral? Not er… 255 times more viral than nj??????????


It’s expected that BG can get higher votes than GG & well known solo singers even if their song isn’t known to the GP. If you still want to insist your points then why is this supposed to be top GG getting this kind of score for fan voting?


The fact is gp does vote and brave girls did get 934+ 511. That is what happens when a song is popular w gp.


Blonks being jealous of other groups, nothing new. Their lazy girlies are obviously disbanding this year, i hope their fans will disappear too


Amen 🙏


lazy girlies and still have more energy than new pants will ever have

nj sajaegi

at debut, on naver trends, nj was outed as having really weird search patterns. Then, other popular groups in korea were searched against nj (twice, tbz, etc) and the other groups had a distribution ALL ACROSS KOREA, which is the norm for anything from hamburgers to yoo jae seok. But Nj had searches that were higher than twice, tbz (who beat them on mubank fyi), other groups in some regions… but literally zero in several regions.

Checked on google trends korea (not naver, so it’s at most similar) and all the others (nmixx, ive, aespa) had pan-korea results…

except nj & le sserafim who had ZERO in Jeju, Jeolla, Ulsan. Le sseragim also had ZERO Jeju, Jeolla but had a bare Ulsan. Is this even possible unless it was some hot search sajaegi broker???

Link (btw, nj lit includes the band and all searches for actual clothing, so they’re inflated as it is):,nmixx,ive,aespa,le%20sserafim

Ive>aespa> nmixx> nj > lsf


The sheer delusion. It’s a fact. Statistic from Google and nj delulus can still deny.


Damn adore could get NJ on TTH while bighit couldnt get it for bts solos????


Such a joke seriously


They piss me off


mind you hybe spent tons of money on nj so it’s not weird they did that, they even got exclusive app for their fans which none of hybe groups got that treatment


Honestly sometimes I wonder if this occurs because Min Heejin is also Hybe’s Chief Brand Officer ( CBO )


Ador and BH are 2 different labels, each head can make their own decisions. But from business perspective it’s really crucial for HYBE to promote their new artists in order for the company to reach stability.


Apart from Blackpink and Twice and even SNSD. I don’t know any other girl groups who have a real strong core fandoms apart from these.


Tbh having casual listeners is easy and you will honestly thrive so much during that. But if you fail to make a core fandom you will lose longevity. BP Twice are still shining because of their fandoms who still supports them. Because at the end of the day your concerts are major thing which is making you money. Streaming songs and all are not gonna make you enough and there are lots of k-pop groups who are public picks but why do only some of those still goes on and many of them dies out. New Jeans need to make a stable fanbase like bp and twice then there will be a confidence then even when public chose someone else they still will have fandom who will look out for them.

Majority of ggps have this similar issue. Ggps do have better charting songs than bgps but still bgps will make more money and will go on long because of their stable fanbase.


Newjeans are only 5 month pld who barely got promotions. Their company is more excited promoting a d@mn cake. Please be serious and if u don’f how spotify playlisting works please shut your mouth.


barely got promotions ? okay first of all I’m not a Newjeans’ hater like I listen to their songs everyday but cause people here always jump to conclusion , I like to make myself clear

but let’s be honest. They did tons of promo. Out of every labels under Hybe rn , it’s Ador that you can see works very hard pushing and promote these girls. And it’s not a bad thing , that’s what a label is supposed to do.

Why do you think they attended the Yoo Quiz’s show before Ditto drops ? They even on these variety shows as soon as OMG drops , they did Tiktoks, Tiktok is a part of promotion too, even got a collab deal with the cake one. They grab brand/cf deals for this group even individually. These are all promos.


True. They were heavily promoted


the no teaser debut was a marketing strategy, you don’t understand business at all


2. [+232, -70] xxx All groups that are doing well will be accused of sajaegi once

I mean it’s true lol. BTS was heavily accused of sajaegi and look at them now.

Anywaysss, I think this won’t affect 4th gen ggs much tbh, they mostly have casual listerners and casual listeners don’t gaf about things like this, they’re still gonna stream and buy.


But most of the groups who did sajaegi are nugu juhos or randos on melon.

Just stating opinion

Im not their fan and barely listen to their songs, but as much as I know, many people buy their album for aesthetics? Because their album and merch are pretty(?)

Grace Walker

#3, FYI, All airlines were shut down due to computer issues. Therefore, NJ’s, could not make it back to Korea, for their fan signing.


Why are you being downvoted for saying something that is backed up by every single American news source?


Because people here are blinded by their hatred towards these girls that they can’t think clearly or egoistic


dw, hybe will just pay for votes just like they paid for all the playlist spots 🤩

Last edited 21 days ago by guest

Its hularious blonks getting upset about newjeans playlisting. I guess they are mad their favs had to do all sorts of things with industry execs to get their sajaegi playlisting so they’re mad newjeans doesnt have to do what their favs did


too bad too sad bp doesnt use sajaegi but new pants probably does


The only group who can go GLOBAL right now are NEWJEANS and YGNGG. Groups with a lot of female fans will last longer than Idol group created for men.

Last edited 21 days ago by xiexie

It depends.Maybe if they are as talented and charming as blackpink and twice.


For the playlist Spotify thing… tell me why whenever I click on a kpop playlist their song is the first one always playing?? And I put it on shuffle and everything. It’s so annoying I have to skip it every single damn time.. maybe that’s where they’re getting their streams as well


How much you bet you won’t see this article translated on Pannchoa.




it’s expected from a new group to not have core fandom, that explains the lack of votes, but what about the number of albums? that doesn’t make any sense
the heavy playlisting (reach of 147 MILLION) and album sales are enough to make people suspicious. Hot 100 bubbling under and Top10 Global200 for a new group with no fandom, it’s hella weird.
Yes, their have good music, and hype boy went viral everywhere but so far i haven’t seen the same reaction to ditto and OMG that are even higher
I have 0 proof and zero doubts that hybe and min heejin are involved somehow to give clout to NWJN


1. [+244, -174] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ As expected, I thought it was weird. Their sales are just ok but their digital ranking is weird.. They don’t even have foreign fans”

lol they just charted on billboard hot 100. u were saying ????


Are blonks complaining about playlisting???? The group that got free streams equal to premium streams??? Lol

New jeans is the public’s pick and it’s true they don’t have as strong as of a core fandom but I wouldn’t call it sajaegi

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