Netizens debate which girl group’s debut song has the most influence

Among the debut songs of girl groups, which song has the most influence?

SES – I’m Your Girl

SNSD – Into the new world

2NE1 – Fire

miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl


NewJeans – Attention

1. NewJeans ‘Hype Boy’

2. In the 2010s it was miss A and in the 2020s it was NewJeans. 2NE1 didn’t have a big impact when they debuted, but it’s like they were popular before their debut

3. miss A’s debut song won Daesang

4. 2NE1 ‘Fire’

5. When 2NE1 debuted, I was shocked when I saw that style

6. NewJeans ‘Attention’

7. Didn’t 2NE1 ‘Fire’ change the image of female idols?

8. As soon as I saw the title, I thought of 2NE1

9. When I watched I’m Your Girl and Attention for the first time, I knew that a new era had opened

10. miss A was crazy when they debuted

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