Netizens debate who is the main dancer of NewJeans

Is Haerin the main dancer of NewJeans??

Haerin seems to be the member who dances the best, if she’s not the main dancer, then who is?

1. I know they have no official position!! I’m just curious about their underground main dancer

2. They have no official position

3. NewJeans has no position

4. I thought it was Hanni

5. I heard that Haerin is the best at dancing

6. I also think that Haerin dances the best

7. Hanni seems to be the member who dances the best

8. Haerin and Hanni dance so well

9. I thought Hanni was the main dancer

10. They have main dancer!! Hanni

11. When they just debuted, there was an article about Hanni being the main dancer but they said they don’t have no position

12. Isn’t it Hanni?

13. The members are all good but I think Hanni dances the best

14. Hanni dances well no matter what genre

15. I also think it’s Hanni

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they are all on very similar levels at both dancing and singing, but I believe haerin is a tad better at dancing, the same way hanni is best singer by a small margin


I think hanni is better at both in general. However, for hip hop dancing haerin is better imo.
For singing hanni and danielle are the best in the group.

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