Netizens debate who is TWICE’s visual

Objectively, who do you think is TWICE’s visual?




Personally, I like Sana, but objectively, I think it’s Mina

And if you look overall with the body, it’s Tzuyu

It’s just that they’re all so pretty

[+111, -14]

1. [+148, -7] Objectively, it’s Tzuyu ㅠ Sana has a lot of charms and she’s talented, she’s slowly getting prettier. As for Tzuyu, she just stands there without saying anything and she doesn’t really have any outstanding talent but her face is what makes her stand out. Everyone who saw them in real life said that Tzuyu was the prettiest… By my standards, Tzuyu’s visual is the one top in real life

2. [+90, -7] I also like Sana, but objectively, it’s Mina…. Every time I see Mina’s pictures, I wonder why Mina’s visuals aren’t mentioned a lot. Tzuyu is pretty too

3. [+72, -3] Sana’s overall aura is the best. Mina is more luxurious, ​​and Tzuyu’s face and body proportions are just crazyㄷㄷ

4. [+51, -2] To be honest, it’s Tzuyu. If Tzuyu had Sana’s personality, she would’ve been much more popular

5. [+45, -0] For TWICE, it depends on your taste

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I can’t believe they’re still talking about this in 2022. It depends on your personal preference. The member who represents the kind of look or image you’re into (elegant, chic, cute, bubbly, artistic, sexy, muscular, androgynous, etc.) is probably gonna be the one you will find most attractive.

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