Netizens debate why NewJeans was so popular as soon as they came out

Why are NewJeans so popular as soon as they come out?

Is it because of Min Heejin? They’re all members that haven’t been made public before, they just debuted, but their popularity is no joke

1. Honestly, it’s because of Min Heejin, but the members are all good and their songs are good. People won’t care about them if their songs aren’t good

2. Min Heejin + Good songs

3. People care about them because they are Min Heejin’s girl group. The kids are so pretty so I keep my eyes on them

4. Min Heejin’s planning ability is a big hit

5. Min Heejin is also Min Heejin, but the combination of the members and the quality of the songs are amazing

6. I care about Min Heejin, but the songs and the members are amazing

7. I love their songs so much.. Even if it’s Min Heejin’s girl group, I don’t think they’ll get this good response if their songs aren’t good

8. Min Heejin + songs + pretty members

9. I really like their songs and concept

10. Min Heejin + HYBE + good songs + good members

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