Netizens debate why Ryu Jun Yeol is so famous

Why is Ryu Jun Yeol so famous?

I’m so curious

1. He’s not famous… It’s just a name

2. I think he is an actor loved by the public because he acts well and has a good reputation. Aren’t his movies pretty good?

3. I think it’s because he played his role well in Reply 1988

4. Is he famous?

5. Is Ryu Jun Yeol famous?

6. I’m not sure because no one around me likes him

7. Is he popular with the public…?

8. I think they like him because he acts well and dresses well

9. I don’t know why he’s so popular… I think he has charms that I don’t know about…

10. An image of dressing well and caring for the environment…?

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