Netizens disappointed with TWS’ pre-release song ‘hey! hey!’ on Melon daily chart

TWS’ pre-release song ‘hey! hey!’ on Melon daily chart

125th place on Melon daily chart

Number of users: 35,992

(Reflection in 18 hours)

1. They have grown a lot compared to the previous song

2. Compared to the size of the fandom, it’s quite good

3. Why do they have to be in the top 10?

4. Isn’t it good for a pre-release song??

5. I like TWS’s song, it’s so refreshing

6. They are said to be the singers who can be #1 in music this year?

7. The weather has been perfect for the song lately so I added it to my playlist. If the quality of the pre-release song is this good, I’m also looking forward to the title song this time

8. Isn’t this the group that took 1st place?

9. Don’t worry, it will increase thanks to viral marketing

10. Don’t worry because they have the secret

11. I think it will make the top 10

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