Netizens discuss whether Han So Hee will keep on dating Ryu Jun Yeol

But will Han So Hee keep on dating Ryu Jun Yeol?

From Han So Hee’s perspective, she knew the truth that Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol discussed further after the breakup article

She may also have completely different information about the breakup date

Can a normal relationship be possible?

[+405, -28]

1. [+298, -15] I don’t know if Han So Hee explains it like that because she loves him so much. First of all, I know she has no eyes for men..

2. [+275, -13] It seems like Han So Hee likes him more so… I don’t think they will break up quickly. But I feel like Ryu Jun Yeol will get bored of Han So Hee after dating her for a while

3. [+194, -11] Seeing how much she likes him, I think they will break up this year, not right away…

4. [+171, -17] If she keeps on dating him, she’s just gonna be proven as the transit-girl. But why do I feel like she’s just gonna keep on dating him?

5. [+112, -75] She knows what she should do, just leave her alone

6. [+48, -6] Look at how Ryu Jun Yeol remained silent while Han So Hee was criticized. He’s really ugly

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