Netizens don’t congratulate Stray Kids Hyunjin on becoming Versace’s Global Ambassador

Stray Kids Hyunjin selected as Versace Global Ambassador

1. Hyunjin? Crazy, life is easy~ ~

2. Isn’t he a school bully? Daebak

3. Hyunjin, congratulations

4. What the? Versace’s marketing team is amazing… They don’t seem to care about Korea

5. This is my first time seeing a celebrity who doesn’t receive congratulations on becoming an ambassador

6. I really don’t understand why he’s a popular member

7. I’m going to buy a Versace dress, but I won’t buy it

8. Ambassador?

9. Wow the brand image will be ruined

10. Every time I see him, I can only think of school violence

11. Versace suits him well, congrats Hyunjin-ah

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