Netizens don’t support Lee Seung Gi marrying Lee Da In

Lee Seung Gi x Lee Da In get married on April 7 (Instagram update)

1. The moment he got involved in that family, I don’t want to see him on TV, I hope I won’t see him on TV forever

2. Lee Seung Gi.. I don’t want to see you on TV

3. Wow…… I can’t congratulate you, but.. I hope you have a good life….

4. I hate seeing him on TV

5. I really liked Lee Seung Gi, but now I don’t even want to see him

6. Victims watching TV must be in pain

7. I have a lot to say, but I won’t… Now, goodbye.. Let’s never see each other again

8. Aren’t there victims among Lee Seung Gi’s fans?

9. Lee Seung Gi’s image has been ruined

10. It’s the combination of victim and perpetrator

11. Anyway I hope he lives happily ever after

12. Lee Seung Gi, be happy!!

13. I hope he has a good life

14. Will you become the son-in-law of a crime family?

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Why though? Did he also do something now 🤔 I thought he was a good guy

Anyways congratulations to them ❤️


Thank you but how is her father’s doing a problem for him?


Someone in the family’s crime is not another fam member crime. I can’t find the adjective that defines the disgusting attitude of knets


In korea you marry into a family more that marry to someone, their bussiness are now yours and viceversa, which mean that Lee Da In’s father scam is his pronlem now


true , I think this speaks not only for South Korea but Asian countries too


Youre disgusting


In korea there is a way of thinking that to know someone you have to know their roots (family). Its one of the reasons adoption is taboo and stigmatized there. If there is adoption usually a relative will adopt.


Well from what I read a lot are angry because after all the girl stepfather did they didn’t humble down and continue portraying luxurious life hence knetz are really displeased since a lot of families due to his stepfather wrongdoing got bankcrupt


that girl is not beauty , has short height and has not high educated and has not a good career why he insists to marrying into a family that’s more evil than the Hook CEO.


I have no idea who this actress is


she played in hwarang series, she’s the daughter of veteran actress kyung mi ri who played as Choi in Dae Jang Geum (jewel in the palace), her sister is also an actress, lee yu bi.


The guy is 36 years old, let him marry whoever he wants!




he could have better choice. she is a not even beauty and have a childish voice and her family is scammer .she has not a good carreer. he should not decide about marriage at his tense condition.

spicy spice

he’s fighting against scammers in his previous company, yet he marry a scammer’s daughter.


Ikr? The irony. Like he didn’t learn anything from the previous experience.

meow meow

who are these people


why his fan base didn’t protest . he shouldn’t be son-in-law of a crime family. her family luxury mansion prove what they did. his family who reportedly opposed her son’s marriage in the beginning he must forced them accept her and his mother had to gave a media interviewto say they accept her . she is not good looking and hasn’t good career and even their religion is different.


after being horribly scammed, he is now marrying into a “scammer family.”


and he want to change his religion for that girl!!!


her step father is swindler and her biologic Father Im Young Gyu was arrested for violent acts in a bar and to Served six months in prison with a probation of two years at 2015 the fact that he has several other similar instances on his record.who have escorted brides down the aisle swindler or violent criminal


he is happy with that criminal family !!! changes religious , changes his standards. he is enchanted by a girl who is not beautiful as his co partner like Suzy


most upright image in Korea goes down to the abyss by choosing the wrong spouse.he still rude in spite of victims of her family’s fraud and said because of the warm reception of the news from his fans, they are spending their days happily. many people are disappointed

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