Netizens explain why girl group songs are more popular than boy group songs

But why are girl group songs more popular than boy group songs?


1. I don’t know but women and men listen to female idol songs, but men don’t listen to male idol songs..?

2. Because men don’t listen to male idol songs

3. I don’t know? Please listen to a lot of male idol songs too!

4. Aren’t girl groups famous for their songs…?

5. Boy groups still do well because they sell a lot of albums even if their songs aren’t popular. They have a lot of fans

6. Women don’t listen to male idol songs unless those male idols are their own favorite group, and men don’t listen to male idol songs

7. Male idols release songs that are aimed at fans??

8. I just don’t listen to male idol songs

9. The voices of women are easy to hear

10. Because the female idol’s songs are so good

11. Honestly, I don’t listen to male idol songs

12. I think male idol songs are not good

13. Seeing things like this, it’s great to see male idols doing well on the charts

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But this doesnt apply to BTS and BP though, people listen to bts music more than bp


But people listen to New Jeans and any 4th gen gg music more than bts


bts is literally the most streamed group on melon and spotify


They are the most streamed group because BTS have a lot of songs and they are a decade old group.💀 Newjeans are less than 1 year old group with 3 songs simultaneously charting higher on both MeIOn and Spotify.


Cmon BTS’ last song was released almost a year ago how does it make sense to compare current chart performances…


With major playlisting….and bts hasnt released any vroup song. Legs see if their song still is charting 6 years from now like soring day or 3 years feom now like dynamite


Whatever you say. Newjeans not gonna be jere in 10years so idgaf


exactly! but bts will be here 💅


charting higher where??? 😂
they charted higher for few days since it was their cb & had 500 playlists then flopped 😭


Because their fans massive stream everyday dear

Teenage puppy

Not even in your wettest dream


source:trust me dude 😂


cry in having pak


& that’s wht 99.9% of the 4th gen groups can’t chart 😂😂😂


You see her talking about between BTS and BP right?? Imagine how dumb you are to not able to comprehend it


The photos were referential but you decided to be shady lmaoo


BTS are honorary women. That’s why.

How many times and how many examples must be pointed out before Army just stop lying and admit it – they like BTS because of how feminine and non- cis male they are.


Here comes masculine men who nobody want. Hi


get a life


Bts songs are mostly listened by fans though. You should use bigbang as an example. Men and women listen to bigbang a lot


The audacity, their last year release are not popular compare to gg release, shut down, tomboy, attention, love dive, after like >>>> BB still life >>>>> great wall of china>>>>>>> yet to cum


Mmmmm I think the downfall of bg in terms of their songs started with NCT/SKZ tbh cause they are apart of big3 so more people/ kgps will be more focused on them but when they debuted , their songs have this like experimental sound , I think it makes the k-gps have this stereotype that all bg songs sounds the same . Ateez also have this kinda similar sound . They are all making music that focus too much on performance wise .

Not saying all their songs sound like this but 90% of their title tracks are like that , and I know fans gonna say ‘ but their bsides are so good and not noise and experimental’ but that’s the thing. People will be curious to listen to your whole album if they like the title song that your group puts out, the one that you promote on music shows .


and I remember when Newjeans debuted and even up until now, everyone was like ‘ idg why their songs are hyped or popular , their songs literally sounds like C and F’s bsides’ and that’s the thing. C and F did not promote their bsides heavily and most of the times the bsides sounds very different from the title track hence only fans know . Newjeans’ at this time promote all their songs as like title tracks hence why everyone knows about them , even non-fans


Idk Ateez is kinda similar to skz and nct but I actually find their songs fun to listen to? I don’t know anything about them tho


this was not always a rule, shinee and infinite used to be groups with songs super popular with the gp that were easy to listen! if now the situation is like this is thank to the sh*t music of the 4th gen and their noisy songs that r@pe our ears🤢 groups from the BIG3 like SKZ and NCT just killed the hype of all bgs with the general public cause their companies are the ones who rules the industry, if they are releasing sh*t every other nugu company will do the same and then we have this kind of situation like the existence of an ATEEZ and etc..and bgs becoming a niche thing that only kpopers care about!!


Cos all boy group songs sound generic..they all sound the same no matter what company they come from and which gen they are..boringgg


BTS get replace by NewJeans in official statement from hybe 🤣


hybe did that with txt enhypen & lesserafim before 😂😂😂 but after that they flopped soooo bad lmaoooooo
keep embarrassing yourself . newjeans can’t even win a simple voting


& that’s why hybe’s sales & stocks hit rock bottom after bts opps! 😂
bts sold 110m album,have 1000 awards & brought 50b $ to s.k economy.
meanwhile newjeans?????


Sold higher than rookies bts, queen shit!

Another Guest

They can make a thousand statements but we all know who built that company and who keeps the lights on. Spoiler: it’s not Newjeans lol


bts are an exception 😙


BTS are always the exception for everything, both male and female groups try to follow in their footsteps, but it’s impossible, because only BTS can do what BTS does. 


Nope it is bigbang😂


Not really. 2nd and 3rd gen eras are like day and night
Bigbang is from 2nd gen where gp still paid attention to idols and idols were everywhere. The group established themselves with first hits, tv appearances(yes, it helps them a lot), but many songs released after did good only bc they were bb songs&nostalgia not bc they were genuinely gp’s taste. They also came from the company with known names which was easier for them and the founder was in the legendary group that laid foundation for hiphop in sk.

Boygroups could promote on tvs easily and get their names known. It ended with 3rd gen groups. Why do you think there are only few 3rd gen known male members when in 2nd gen, there were even b2st, infinite, mblaq from small companies whose members gp knows? Bc gp still cared and they appeared on tv. It’s NOTHING for 4th gen

So yes, bts is the exception. They didn’t have famous seniors and the famous company brand like winner, exo, got7 and ikon did. Bangpd was not that powerful and by the time SK fully paid attention to bts, they never promoted individually OR as the group on tv, not letting the gp to bond with them like bb did (while bigbang was everywhere, especially when it was time to rehabilitate their image from the dead 1374683 times with those awful crimes).

Despite zero promotion on sk television(all known groups and singers do), bts is the only 3rd gen group still standing and charting in top 10. Now add this to what knetz saying how men never listen to male groups, what bts did is amazing.


That’s so true. There were so many idol shows now there are none.


Bts’ listeners are mostly women you can check on melon and other Korean music app. While bigbang listened by both men and women


because boy group music is complete and utter trash


5. Boy groups still do well because they sell a lot of albums even if their songs aren’t popular. They have a lot of fans
Ggs are selling a lot too, so…

Another Guest

Yes but not at the same level as boy groups. I think it’s been a really long time since a gg won Album of the Year in the big 3: MMA, MAMA and GDA.


BTS is the only group that makes quality music among all groups. Additionally, BTS is a self-made artist. They make their own songs. That’s why bts is created by love of both their fans and the public 🔥


Kingtan ✨


Makes?? All of their title track aren’t even written by them lmfao


I’m just personally not a fan of many male idols’ music. Female groups are just fun to listen to. But I did recently enjoy TXT’s newest comeback.

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