Netizens feel like a few TWICE members won’t renew their contracts

For some reason, I feel like a few TWICE members won’t renew their contract

Their contract renewal is this year. I wonder what will happen

[+427, -53]

1. [+416, -35] If I were a member of TWICE, I don’t think I would want to renew my contract…ㅠ I would’ve already made enough money to enjoy the rest of my life and if I continue as an idol, I will have to work hard day and night, getting hate from netizens. However, if they renew their contract, their love for their fans is really overflowing right??

2. [+389, -9] To be honest, it’s amazing that all 9 members have the same thought. There must be some members who want to try acting and release solo albums, and more

3. [+343, -15] If there are any members who don’t renew, it’s Jeongyeon or Chaeyoung ㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+219, -7] Above anything else, I want to see Nayeon’s personal Instagram. Why didn’t she create it..?

5. [+81, -3] It’s hard that all 9 members will renew their contracts

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