Netizens feel so sorry for Sakura every time they see her

But every time I see Sakura, I feel so sorry

She was so pretty when she was promoting in Japan.. She was the typical Japanese idol?

She looked so bright, seeing her made people feel happy. But it’s sad that those vibes completely disappeared after Sakura debuted in LE SSERAFIM

[+226, -244]

1. [+280, -52] She once returned to Japan and mocked Korean fans, why are there still people who like her?

2. [+152, -4] She shouldn’t have done her nose and should have drawn her eyebrows straight.. These two things changed her vibes

3. [+139, -2] No, why did she do her nose? Every time I see her, I wonder

4. [+95, -3] I think the IZ*ONE members all had legendary visuals during the IZ*ONE era.. Only Jo Yuri and Choi Yena are prettier?

5. [+66, -40] 48 Sakura is f*cking pretty

6. [+60, -0] It’s just the age difference.. She was still a minor when she was active in Japan…

7. [+57, -5] Personally, I think Sakura is prettier with bangs

8. [+30, -0] Looks like she did her nose too much.. Before her eyes were so big and pretty that she drew attention to her eyes, but now her face looks elongated

9. [+29, -5] Her aura is different without bangs but she’s still pretty

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Hybe ruin her nose 🙅🏻‍♀️


Ngl they did.


as a sakura stan i agree
it sticks out like a sore thumb
im sad i miss her old nose


You don’t even stan Kkura, freak. The only thing you do is set her up. Be so astronomically serious.


She got her nose done when she was still in Izone so just how is this hybe’s problem?

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ppl need to stop comparing sakura’s career in japan and sokor because obviously, a j-pop idol is different from a kpop idol. heck even the make up is different. sakura is still very pretty and is even more successful now.


no she’s not lol she’s still only known for being a former akb member who ran away to korea.

real akb fans know she’s a failed member. akip did everything to push her and make her the new ace but she never took off. she never won the general election, not even after all the legendary akb members had graduated. she knew she was done and left.

the only fans she has left are her SEA stans from hkt days and her deranged chinese solo stans. japan still doesn’t give two shits about her


probably the reason one of the Japanese interviewers asked that she met men in her hotel room


I only know lesserafim sakura wdym

seungri is free

cut the ears plz lol 🙂 dambo

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Taste that savage

Plastic monster


She might be unattractive but she’s the most talented in her group


as a sakura stan its not true
she is 4th in terms of talent


you can’t have less talent than her 😭


i don’t. there’s a reason why most akb members disliked her. she’s a snake…


She’s more mature and famous now, people change


Not famous for sure. In Iz*one she used to trend for her looks, now she trends because no one’s liking her new face. They all miss her before face.


She looks like lesserafims unemployed stressed out aunt that hangs around them. She looks gaunt and old compared to the others. The aegyo sal is not doing her any favours

Last edited 1 month ago by Cowabunga

Really her face was pretty before, but she ruined it to get that Hybe money. Now go ahead and look like an old hag for the rest of your life

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