Netizens fiercely argue over the biggest hit song among 3rd generation idols

What do you think is the biggest hit song among 3rd generation idols?

The 3rd generation is over, so let’s pick the biggest hit song of the 3rd generation idols

[+29, -31]

1. [+164, -7] Let’s Not Fight, Growl, Fire and Red Flavor are all legendary

2. [+147, -7] There are so many masterpieces that I can’t choose just one song… I can’t even choose a group and even within one group, there are so many masterpiecesㅋㅋㅋㅋ Growl, Fire, Red Flavor, etc.

3. [+84, -36] Growl, Cheer Up, you can’t deny these two songs

4. [+65, -87] From the number of hearts on Melon to the longest charting song on the Melon chart, it’s Spring Day, but they keep talking about Growlㅋㅋ

5. [+57, -22] If I look at it objectively, except for the opinions of the fans, it’s Growl and Cheer Up, to be honest, you can’t refute this

6. [+45, -26] Dynamite, Cheer Up

7. [+37, -48] Look at the scores, but you guys keep talking about Cheer Upㅋㅋ I don’t know about male idols, but for female idols, it’s DDU-DU DDU-DU

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#4 spilled!!!
Spring Day,Dynamite,Fake love, bst, boy in luv,boy with luv, butter, ptd, mic drop, fire, i need u,run, dna etc etc…. Who’s doing it like BTS?? No one.

uga uga

Right?! Nobody else’s fandom is making stream’s like rent is due on friday.


3rd gen has too many hits tbh


Cheer up
Spring day
Bad boy
Red flavour
Bombay ah


Lmfaoooooo k exols(sm stans honorary mention) wanna be included so bad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 y’all lewsers will never be part of the convo of the biggest hit songs in SK or elsewhere for that matter just looking miserable and stupid 😭🫵🫵🫵🫵


It’s cheer up for me. That song is legendary.


Spring day and it’s not even close. My guy is still charting and never left the chart be serious

Jon Xina

~Blinks hangin on to days on top of Melon when it was in a reformed system lol…

Cheer Up was MILE bigger than all of BP’s songs. D4 isn’t even top 3 for 3rd gen GG’s never mind including BG’s it doesn’t even enter the top 10 lol.

Reminder Cheer Up and Love Scenario are the ONLY songs to top the year end Gaon chart for 3rd gen groups. Red Flavor, D4, Growl, etc didn’t



Cheer Up was the song that defined the 3rd generation from 2.5 gen

Jon Xina

Army talking about Spring Day, people don’t respect that song for a reason. If you fans weren’t pumping it up the charts since 2017 it wouldn’t be know. No one sings it, covers it, talks about it, even knows it.

Logic Thinker

You think a song can stay in the chart like that only with fandom power?


Wow delusion


the song win Melon Award Daesang for Song Of The Year, still charting for the last 6 years, get the most hearts on melon, the most streamed and what not.

If it is left to army only, we will chart their newest song the same way but we are not able to.
That’s mean the song is being carried by the general public


This song is literally the unofficial anthem of Korea, quoted on TV during the pandemic, printed banners, and played this song on every anniversary the Sewol tragedy, but that doesn’t tell you anything, because you don’t know shit and you only write this because
of your complexes. no cover? so many people… no sing? Yes IU herself, the queen of the charts sang this song saying they like it a lot, idols cried to this song in 2017-2018 and you still dare to say something? Go cry in the corner.


Lots of people covered Spring Day tbh where have you been lol and tons of shows there use it and also Fire for their shows too


The delusions is mind boggling. BTS has the biggest hits both in and outside of Korea. Longevity beats quick hype any day. If people only care to stream you for a few months then you have no leg to stand on to speak on a 6+ year charting song. My nigga still out streaming recent dropped songs. Y’all mental

Last edited 5 months ago by Moist
spicy spice

funny to see sm stans sneak every sm idols’ songs into these list just like how they sneak red velvet into every top girlgroup list.


They’re relentless and shameless
i remember when rookie groups are being compared for 3rd gen and some how 3 yrs old rv was still being called a rookie by stans


Red flavor was everywhere though. And growl was a huge hit

Jon Xina



And this is how I know there’s a campaign against TWICE because how is Cheer up not considered the massive hit.


There was a huge slave room created by izone fans against twice during 2020. When onces called them out they hid under the covers and knetz who owns knuts as a brain rounded up on onces saying they are lying around to shame other ggps. When there was a living proof of those disgusting videos and whole chats where they were deliberately trying to be negative during twice cb and also in general. Momo hate was also started by them. They put Jihyo in Seongri issue and made her cry. Attacked Sana for mentioning her homecountry. Attacked Mina for taking hiatus and then Jeongyeon too. All in all they were being nasty. And were also including other ggps fandom in twice hate.
People tend to think twice reputation went downhill because of their dating news and “can not sing” thingy. Which is not at all true. That fvcking slave room is still active in Korea. I just hope that worst things happen to all of those people who were involved and is still involved now in that.
Even if they try to supress twice. We know how much impact they have on and we will never let anyone else forget it.


And despite all that… they continue to set and break new records.


sm stans are pathetic 💀💀


uve never met an army before?


Twice christen the 3rd gen with cheer up, lets be honest here.
Without cheer up dominating people would still be on 2.5 gen


For me, it’s Cheer Up but K-Pop’s 3rd generation had multiple great and huge songs.

Dot com

Among Kpop fans I got to say Cheer up, Growl and Fire, but in terms of general public Spring Day is the only answer


For me , it’s cheer up , you really can’t deny cheer up impact 🔥🔥 , it’s still being covered by new generation groups each year , 4th generation ggs covered it last year in mama too


DUdu DUdudu wasn’t even the most popular song in 2018 on melon. It was love scenario craze everywhere. Just because these dozens have the most MV views because of Asian streaming farms does not mean the song had bigger hype and reach than iconic hits like dynamite, growl, cheer up, love scenario, red flavor, etc

DDDD is BP’s most popular track. True. But the biggest hit among all of 3rd generation lmao. The delusion is unreal.


cheer up imo

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