Netizens fiercely debate “there are many idol ambassadors of luxury brands that have appeared since BLACKPINK”

There are many idol ambassadors of luxury brands that have appeared since BLACKPINK

In 2016, 2017, only GD was a celebrity that Chanel cared about, but after BLACKPINK members became known as ambassadors, it went viral

1. That’s right, even though I’m not a fan of YG idols, I know this

2. I disagree, it’s because K-Pop has become global

3. I’m a fan of the 4th generation, but I think it’s true

4. I learned about the concept of ambassador through BLACKPINK

5. I didn’t even know what an ambassador was before the BLACKPINK members took on the role of ambassadors for luxury brands… I agree

6. You’re right, but why are people reacting like that..??

7. I’m not a fan but I think BLACKPINK’s influence is huge, why are you guys denying it?

8. I’m not a fan, but it’s true

9. I sincerely admit it

10. It’s true that the number has increased since the BLACKPINK members became ambassadors

11. I also knew the ambassador after BLACKPINK members became ambassadors, I knew that GD is famous for fashion, but I didn’t know he was the ambassador

12. I think this is true. After BLACKPINK members became ambassadors, I think ambassadors became more popular

13. I agree

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#2 the only one who gets it


Cry ratmy


Midpink on their knees right now getting their throat wrecked to earn two days out the YG basement.


Meanwhile b0ts on their knees begging hybe to gain ambassadorship title after their LV which is flopped contract ended. Zero impact indeed


lmao true!

Kim Jong Eun Dos Tres

it’s because they can speak english better than other groups, in their early day.


Aespa itzy lsf newjeans nmixx all of them have atleast 1/2 who are fluent in english. Tbh almost every 4thgen group except ive and stayc


GD and CL tho.


CL?? Which luxury brand 🤣


Balmain, Moschino, Chanel. Thank goodness she never restricted herself to become a brand ambassador.

She most recently seems to be very close to Schiaparelli and Balenciaga. But I expect haters to think she never had any influence anywhere.




Yes. CL. 🤪


CL and Moschino were very known, but I guess these more tamed brands are now the only ones that matter


these luxury brand talk doesn’t matter much outside of kpop bc in the actual fashion world the real faces of these brands are western A lists celebs while they just use kpop idols for clout and never actually use them for much of anything else.


Except gd/jennie for chanel. Others pretty much just for clout


idk it’s half-half I think , I don’t think this is solely because of blackpink but south korea also become huge spender of luxury brands these past recent years, even more than China since the pandemic, the world about to go into recession , they see how much engagements kpop idols bring in to their brand , hence they signed up tons of korean artists to endorse their brands. Simple as that.


It’s true! Not to mention each member of BLACKPINK has multiple luxury brand ambassadorship, not just one.


Plus global campaign 🤩🤩


it’s true tho. blackpink always get flacks for having individual shedules or promotions, brand deals, etc. and people are saying that they should be models instead of being singers and now since a lot more idols are being ambassadors, stans(u know who) are denying their contribution to the fashion world(WHICH THEY BULLIED BP FOR BEFORE). like bffr


n e ways ratmys can dislike all the comments saying it’s true(because it is) all they want. nothing will change the facts.


Number 2 is the only right answer.


They fucked up K-pop, now K-pop groups acting like brand deals as achievement 😭


Can’t help but laugh every single time I see an article on this topic, like.. Nobody cared to have this conversation up until now. I wonder what changed *note the sarcasm* 😂😂

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