Netizens fiercely debate whether BTS’ ‘Spring Day’ is a mega hit song?

Is Spring Day a mega hit song?

Looking at the chart, Spring Day is a mega hit song, but people are divided about it

Do you guys think Spring Day is a mega hit song?

It’s a mega hit song – vote up
It’s not a mega hit song – vote down

[+938, -479]

1. [+543, -421] A mega hit song is one whose viral effect is so great that the whole country knows it like Lies, Growl. What kind of song that only fans know is called a mega hit song? Do you think people who are not fans of idols know Spring Day?

2. [+403, -259] Spring Day got the most hearts on Melon, if it’s not a mega hit song, what is?ㅋㅋ It appeared on TV a lot and I miss you~ I miss you~ Who doesn’t know this part ㅋㅋ

3. [+358, -285] It’s a mega hit song of ARMYs

4. [+145, -92] A mega hit song made by fandom

5. [+140, -36] Just look at this

“Spring Day has 7.5 million listeners on Melon”

6. [+83, -14] Spring Day has never left the Melon chart for 5 years since 2017

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