Netizens fiercely debate whether RIIZE Wonbin’s height is a lie or not

RIIZE Wonbin’s height is a lie, right?

168? If Wonbin is 168 then all other idols are 160

Just looking at the year-end stage, he is the same height as the idols next to him

RIIZE were barefoot here, and Anton is 185

They all wore the same indoor slippers
Eunseok is 181 (people say he might be taller)

Shotaro is 178 (people say he might be taller)

Wonbin’s height seems to be 176 like his Naver profile says

[+65, -78]

1. [+44, -0] He’s not 176. I’ve seen male idols who are 176-177 and I’ve seen Wonbin in real life, but he’s at most 172? There’s also that famous YouTuber posting about ‘idols in real life’ videos and said he looked 171. That person just post all their videos objectively

2. [+42, -14] For realㅋㅋ If Wonbin was 168, then the remaining members are all 10 cm shorterㅋㅋ

3. [+24, -13] How is Shotaro 178?

4. [+12, -9] How short does a man who is 160 look? Wonbin is only about 174

5. [+7, -0] No, first of all Wonbin is famous for his face, not his height. Even if there are other members who are tall, he is still famous

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