Netizens fiercely debate whether the one top girl group is IVE or NewJeans

The one top girl group is IVE vs NewJeans

Eleven, Love Dive, After Like, they have 3 consecutive hit songs
IVE is the one top – vote up

Attention, Hype Boy, Cookie, all their debut songs are hit songs
NewJeans is the one top – vote down

[+443, -220]

1. [+124, -74] IVE and Aespa

2. [+118, -31] Look at how OP ignores Aespaㅋㅋ OP, are you a troll?

3. [+89, -14] SM idols that OP didn’t mention, IVE and NewJeans are all in the top line of the 4th generationㅋㅋ Looks like people are dragging Aespa no matter what they do. The fact that they have good results, like IVE and NewJeans? Those 3 groups are all popular

4. [+64, -10] Of course, I think it’s NewJeans, their debut results are overwhelming

5. [+34, -13] Album, digital, overseas performances, advertisements and events, how does NewJeans compare to IVE? You should compare Aespa with IVE, right?

6. [+34, -42] If people don’t like NewJeans’ new song, they’ll fall off… They depend too much on the song

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