Netizens fiercely debate whether we can call BTS living legends

Can we call BTS living legends??

I’m arguing with my friendsㅋㅋ Is ‘Living Legend’ commonly used for retirees??

1. Of course, they are living legends

2. They’re at that level even though they’re promoting, so of course they’re living legends

3. They are even more than ‘Living Legends’ because they are still active..

4. Of course, BTS are living legends

5. I am talking about individual recognition, but even foreign legendary groups, people also don’t know all the members, so they’re still not living legends, right?

6. BTS really seem to be the ones that are most opposed and ignored in their country

7. Can’t you guys really acknowledge them because they’re living legends even though they’re young?

8. I’m a fan of another group, but BTS are living legends

9. I’m not a fan, but I think they’re living legends

10. They even go beyond ‘Living Legend’

11. BTS is a group, but why are you talking about individual recognition?

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meow meow

i don’t think being able to name all the members is a valid argument bcs i don’t know the names of all the beatles but that doesnt mean they’re not legends?


kpop are used to seeing idols using their groups as stepping ladder for individual popularity that they cant fathom bts actually preferred to be known more as their group while mainting their individual identity (not popularity).


Well yeah fans are used to seeing a bunch of people who see their group as nothing more than a stepping stone to an acting/modeling career, they seem totally lost when looking at people who put artistry and music above all.


anyone who tries to deny it is delusional at this point, bts already has a legacy & are willing to protect it alongside their company when chapter 2 started.

Lazy Banana

I only know Chris Martin from Coldplay but I call Coldplay legends anyway, what are these people on lmao


This is a laughable argument from any angle


I don’t know the names of members of Beatles, nsync, backstreet boys, westlife, etc either lol


Ofc they are living legends… if you disagree you’re just delusional and salty.


4/7 Jumpscares 💀

Lazy Banana

Ohhhh I bet you know what jumpscares look like cause that’s what your mom told you when you were born.

WhatsThe Point

Y’all wanna debate this even after all they have achieved? 😹

Lazy Banana

Imagine not calling the Beatles legends just cause not everyone can name all the members lmaoooooo.


Idk abt there being anything to debate. The only ppl who don’t acknowledge it are either completely out of touch or are in denial.


Yes, BTS are living legends. 


Bts is popular but i wont say living legends. Back then, with lack of SNS, people of all ages listened to the beatles, elvis, MJ, and actually knew their songs. With bts, i only see popularity, bcs they dont have clear identity in music that simply sets them apart from others. Theyre just another one of ‘that popular pop groups’ but with greater achievement in terms of sales.

Bts fans might be bitter with my opinion but if u compare each of bts individual skills to those legends, you would see how average they are and yes, their succesful career thanks to the side factors aside from their music, and they had no actual impact like the true legends do – revolutionized the music industry, being creative without having to follow other’s music style just to break into the scene, and has yet to prove if they have continuous impact after they stop promoting.

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