Netizens give proof that TXT Yeonjun and LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin’s dating rumors are true

TXT Yeonjun and LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin’s dating rumors

1. A foreign fan found Huh Yunjin’s account

The account’s real name is Huh Yunjin

The songs that the account recommended are also the songs that Huh Yunjin mentioned in her official account

2. Her drawing

Huh Yunjin’s drawings of LE SSERAFIM, herself and that account’s drawings

Not only the drawing style, but also the colors and coloring method are the same

The drawings above are her everyday drawings
The drawing at the bottom won’t even appear even if you searched for it on Google

It’s 100% sure that this is Huh Yunjin’s profile

3. How do I know the man in the picture is Yeonjun?

This is a drawing that was posted on September 22nd, but it resembles Yeonjun’s style at that time

Even the shape of his piercing and the placement of his earrings are the same

Also, even Huh Yunjin’s earrings are similar to hers

On 15 nights

Yeonjun tried to come behind Yunjin but Kazuha came in the end

Huh Yunjin pushed Kazuha to the front and ended in front of Yeonjun

In the end, they changed places and the two ended up side by side

On a women’s community site

91% think it’s true

[+795, -173]

1. [+223, -78] Because of the drawing, it’s just indisputable

2. [+204, -90] There’s this one too. Why did she take a picture with a big gap on the right and with Yeonjun in the screencap and say “I love you”?ㅋㅋ

3. [+178, -68] I thought foreign fans were delusional with their shipping, but the proof is so clear

4. [+173, -89] Her lyrics are about getting hate for weight loss and nose surgery but it’s all about her boyfriend, f*cking funnyㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+164, -68] I wonder what Kazuha did wrong. Just because she got caught in between an office romance

6. [+77, -20] She will be a nuisance to the other members

7. [+71, -5] What idiot believes these rumours?

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Once again, people prove that they have nothing better to do than snoop around. If they are dating, good for them! As a Moa & fearnot it’s really never that deep.


Its not true already debunked some Iroach made it all up


Cant believe she’s dating a mid ass guy


Lol that’s a proof? That didn’t prove anything 🤣
But if it’s real, they would be a powerful couple


they are both great so who cares if they are dating or not


aww, cute. two uglies together


defo dating. the lsf & moa fans who’re there with that 0.1% chance of being their bf/gfs should just leave, and the 2 can continue promoting without that chunk of fans who really are being strung along by the mechanism anyway. They deserve a smaller fandom without stringing delulus along who’re vulnerable to this 0.1% of dating thingy. They’re best w/o each other, yjx2 & their respective 0.1% strung along fans.


Yujin just made her debut, something she thought would never happen, do you think she’s going to start dating? Come on, she’s focused on her career and moving forward and I understand her, debuting is just the beginning. 

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