Netizens got angry when HYBE CEO said they would help SM singers enter North America

HYBE CEO “We will help SM singers enter North America… Partnering up with Kakao is possible”

1. I was just passing by but this is ridiculous. Somehow, they helped BTS succeed in the US..? Does HYBE really think BTS’s success in the US is down to them?

2. HYBE, who accidentally won the lottery thanks to BTS, is really arrogant

3. They take over other companies with BTS money, but they’re arrogant about doing something great

4. SuperM and EXO are doing well in North America

5. It’s true that Big Hit did a great job promoting BTS through social media, but it’s not Big Hit’s ability to enter the US market, it’s 100% BTS’s ability

6. Imagine how much the value of the company will disappear when BTS says they won’t renew their contract

7. HYBE has acquired American companies, of course for the US market it will be better than a Korean company

8. Don’t use BTS as an excuse to bash HYBE idols, the next male idol after BTS is TXT, the female idol is NewJeans, it’s true that they’re getting good responses in the US

9. Isn’t HYBE very strong in North America?

10. SM is the only big company that didn’t make it into the Billboard 100

11. I remember what Lee Sung Soo said, “SM never asked HYBE for help”

12. In the early days of BTS, in order to be popular in the US, they forced the kids to perform on the street and made them suffer a lot

13. Wow, HYBE is really arrogant

14. SM didn’t do a good job supporting their idols in North America.. But HYBE is really arrogant

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Fck hybe, they really think the reason of BTS global success is them when Army has to beg for BTS’ albums and concerts
no other hybe or kpop act is popular outside the kpop bubble in America, so shut up and stop talking non sense


I mean you’re not wrong but they’re trying to take a stand against SM’s video so they need some ground to establish their argument.


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Not tew much #4

And why SM Stan’s tryna act like HYBE’s groups aren’t all doing extremely well in the west meanwhile SM is flopping and has flopped forever. Seems like they just wanna be mad just to be mad

Hi, I'm Guest

#4 is just plain deluding themselves. What drugs did the kids took to be this delusional? What’s their standard of popular?


saying “they r doing well in America” and doing well in question is being absolutely unknown by the gp/outside the kpop bubble that sm stans seem to have deluded themselves over the years😭😭😭😭 just pathetic


oh hybe just released an open letter to SM on their official account


yes drag them. i don’t want sm to have that same privilege other hybe acts currently have thanks to bts either. they don’t deserve it.


And they for sure won’t credit them if they start charting in the west

It's whatever

nothing against NJs but they dont deserve the heavy playlisting when none of bts solo releases or even proof/be got the same treatment

all that money bts got them wasted in other groups.


So funny. Hybe thinks they’re the source of BTS’ america success. However, what distinguishes BTS from other groups is that they achieved these successes not with the support of the company, but with their own efforts and army 🤡


BTS created their own success ✔️


You are forgetting that in order to take that success THEY NEED A COMPANY, BTS did not success only because of army, they succeded also because their company could and help them to explore a new market. Is false to say that they did not have the support from the company when they 100% did, the company had to pay gor the trips, the stays, the concertsz the costumes and everything, if the company would not had supported them they wouldnt even had made a international tour. Dont lie, Big hit/hybe KS not the best but they have been nothing but supporting of the group. How ever bts did not succeded because of their company, the company ducceded thanks to them


I know Hybe is arrogant when they said they can make SM leading in North America as well. But, Hybe never said their success is not related to BTS. BTS is the center of Hybe. Even their revenue 60% comes from BTS only. They know that. And wtf that comment no.4. Do u think SuperM and EXO have already succeed in the US market?? are u joking? SM management has been making chaos even before Hybe bought their shares. Bcs if its not, there would be no SuperM and Got the Beat. Its a mess.

I don’t really like Hybe, but please don’t make it as if BTS and Hybe has a fight. No, they’re not. Now, BTS has their own creative works with their own separate label BigHit Ent. Hybe couldn’t touch that bcs its protected by Bang PD the biggest shareholders. And BTS is Hybe’s shareholders too. Any profit made by Hybe will go to them.


idc about hybe either way but i didn’t think they were claiming credit for bts, unless the korean article has a different connotation. i think they just have the most information/connections to the west, which they gained from bts. also #4 made me laugh out loud

It's whatever

4. SuperM and EXO are doing well in North America

this is no true

5. It’s true that Big Hit did a great job promoting BTS through social media, but it’s not Big Hit’s ability to enter the US market, it’s 100% BTS’s ability

but this is

I understand why knetizens are annoyed at hybe tactics, they’re going all for other groups/companies but half BTS is in a dungeon, and they don’t even get half the promo other hybe groups receive.


I don’t know why they get angry, it’s the truth, the sm groups were a failure in the USA. Even the one that got #1 on BB200 was a fraud they did sajaegi.


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