Netizens hate Kim Heechul and fans become his antis after his actions on live stream

Am I the only one who hates Kim Heechul?

Seeing Kim Kim Heechul cursing on Choi Goon’s live stream, I was furious. I’m a fan, so I was really disappointed

Am I the only one who hates Kim Heechul? I became his anti after yesterday

[+1317, -122]

1. [+439, -27] I feel weird by the fact that there are people who like him

2. [+342, -19] I’m not lying but I just don’t care about him…

3. [+259, -20] I totally hate him

4. [+178, -10] Just imagine a female idol saying words like him. Hannams really live an easy life

5. [+144, -49] Kim Heechul seems to need to restrain himself a bit. He wants to maintain his concept but he’s going overboard

6. [+122, -5] Why should we bother with a frivolous has-been ahjussi who doesn’t act his age…?

7. [+96, -7] What’s the difference between him and Kangin…

8. [+24, -4] Kim Heechul’s thoughts seem to represent men in their 20s and 30sㅋㅋ

9. [+21, -3] I wish he hadn’t mentioned our Eunwoo. On variety shows, he said that he’s close with Eunwoo, but so what? Our Eunwoo didn’t even mention him ㅜㅜㅜ

10. [+20, -3] You’re not alone

11. [+17, -6] He’s the 2nd Kim Guraㄷㄷ

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Super junor being super junor 🤣

spicy spice

an idol, a celebrity who can’t filter his words but his fans called him savage thou. lol.


Who cares tho


he’s a textbook incel and pedo


lmao, a month or so, we’ll forget this and people will like him again..


not me though. i’ve never liked him 😁😁

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meow meow

i dont think he’ll ever lose his career but his image has been going down the drain for years now this is just the cherry on top



It is what it is

tbh, at this point, his fans know how problematic Heechul is, so they’re not even surprised

It is what it is

Another reason why KHC isn’t active as idol anymore, as a comedian he has more freedom to spill nonsense

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