Netizens liked this song more than the title song after watching LE SSERAFIM ‘Swan Song’ Original Stage

LE SSERAFIM ‘Swan Song’ l Original Stage

1. Kazuha is seriously so pretty ㅜㅜ She really looks like a black swan

2. The stage and concept are so beautiful, right? The song is good

3. I like this song more than the title song

4. Sakura’s clothes and hair are so pretty

5. Kazuha’s ballet moves at the end are so beautiful ㅜㅜㅜ

6. Chaewon is really good on stage

7. Kazuha’s outfit was perfect and she was so pretty

8. I really like this song so I only listen to this song

9. I like this song the most

10. The song is good, the choreography is also beautiful

11. This song is much better

12. Kazuha is really crazy

13. Is Kazuha an angel?

14. Kazuha, is she crazy?… Sakura’s hair is also so pretty

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