Netizens look back at BTS’ stadium concerts

The gifs of BTS stadium concerts that I have collected for you to see

1. Jamsil Stadium in Seoul

2. Wembley Stadium in London

3. Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles

4. Citi Field Stadium in New York

5. Soldier Field in Chicago

6. MetLife Stadium in New Jersey

7. Stade de France in France

8. Shizuoka Stadium in Japan

9. SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles

10. Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas

[+264, -2]

1. [+39, -0] I want to go to Wembley and Rose Bowl

2. [+31, -0] Wow, I got goosebumps when I saw BTS’ first stadium concert picture, but wow, seriously BTS is amazing

3. [+25, -0] This is so beautiful.. Jamsil concert

4. [+24, -0] SoFi concert that was taken from the air

5. [+19, -0] Citi Field concert was daebak

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they’re unrivalled. idk why stan twt even bother to interact with losers who stanned someone with far more below ranking than bts.


BTS success is not your success geez. By this logic you shouldn’t be loved by others just because you are not #1 or an outlier.


“bts’ success is not your success” NO SHIT SHERLOCK, tell us something we dont know next time!


BTS success is BTS. But we’re part of the success & we took pride in that.

WhatsThe Point

Can’t wait for BTS to cb and hold a stadium tour again. It’s gonna be iconic.

Praying to get tickets then

Last edited 4 months ago by WhatsThe Point

BTS has not yet enlisted but the nostalgia has already begun and what we have left…

But I wasn’t done…

And there won’t be another to do it afterwards. Living legends


When will I experience this again? 😭


Manifesting 2025-2026 world stadium tour. I opened a savings for that specifically


I have a bank account solely for BTS too so I can control my spending 👍


Wembley was amazing 🥰

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