Netizens look back at Lee Jae Wook’s reaction to Karina at the Prada fashion show

Karina, who seems to suit him better than expected, video of Lee Jae Wook at the Prada fashion show

Looking back now, the atmosphere seems strangeㅋㅋㅋ

1. Like a drama, love at first sight at fashion week

2. Because the two of them are Korean, they always hang out together at events

3. But they really get along well… Why did the dating rumors start so quickly…?

4. They really don’t look alike and I’m not sure if they look good together. Please use it in moderation, seriously….

5. I guess he felt so happy to talk to her at that time

6. Lee Jae Wook kept smiling

7. This guy also seems to have a good personality

8. The most surprising thing is that he is two years older than her, I thought he was at least 7 years older than her

9. The reporters must have been there too, but I guess they sensed something and stalked them from then on

10. They look so good together

11. Karina was so pretty that day..ㅠㅠ

12. Honestly, their physiques and faces are the same so they get along very well

13. I can feel that they care about each other so much

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