Netizens object to the article saying that Jennie refused to appear in Kim Tae Ho PD’s new show because of the poor performance of ‘Apartment 404’

Jennie, Kim Tae Ho PD’s new entertainment program’s final test.. “No more variety show for the time being”

Jennie finally refused to appear in PD Kim Tae Ho’s new entertainment show ‘My Name Is Gabriel’

The recent poor performance of tvN’s entertainment show ‘Apartment 404’ seems to have contributed to Jennie’s decision not to appear on entertainment shows for the time being. ‘Apartment 404’, starring world star Jennie, is having difficulty with a viewership rating of only 1%

1. That reporter seems to be an anti of Jennie

2. Apartment 404 is so fun… I think Jennie did well

3. Jennie’s performance was great in Apartment 404

4. Ah ㅠㅠㅠ What a shame

5. Jennie looks so cute there ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋ It’s fun to see a new side of her in this variety show!!!

6. ? It seems like the reporter wrote this article without watching ‘Apartment 404’ but only because of Jennie

7. But the content of this news is making me mad

8. No, you didn’t watch Apartment 404? Jennie is so good at guessing

9. Even though I’m not a fan of Jennie, I think she’s doing so well in Apartment 404.. Haven’t you watched the show?

10. It’s best to just focus on preparing for the album. I’m waiting for a solo album with Jennie’s songs

11. I watched ‘Apartment 404 because of Jennie

12. I think Jennie did well

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