Netizens owe an apology to TXT SOOBIN

TXT SOOBIN who has a calculated introvert personality and a biggest fan of kpop and anime, owe apology of Netizens. SOOBIN, who has been wrongly accused of promoting p*dophilia through an anime doesn’t deserve the hate he gets. Netizens are wrongly judging him for mentioning an anime and concluding that he promotes such things needs to watch the anime themselves or if they thing they are so right about it, should accused the director, writer, producer and the broadcaster of the anime not someone who watched it for enjoyment purposes not knowing what an ongoing anime holds in the future. 

Time to time haters keep coming back to bully him and calling him things like P*dophile should think once before accusing someone of such level crimes. As i have seen, same people would be writing and posting Rated R’ content for their favourite idols. 

I believe people need to come out of this hateship and open their eyes to see the truth and stop judging people based on something they watched. 

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