Netizens point out female idol whose face that fits their taste the most

Which female idol has the face that fits your taste the most?

Based on your own standards!
It depends on personal preference

For me, it’s Jennie and Sana, they’re so cute and charming

1. Suzy, Yoona

2. Kazuha

3. Wonyoung

4. Jennie, Ryujin

5. Choi Yena

6. Irene

7. Seeun, Yoon

8. Yoona

9. Jang Wonyoung

10. Sana, Miyeon, Sullyoon, Kazuha

11. Jennie

12. Jennie, Joy

13. Nayeon

14. Jihyo

15. Kim Minju

16. Miyeon

17. Ryujin, Joy

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