Netizens praise BLACKPINK for their legendary performance at Coachella

The legendary performance that we just had……..

BLACKPINK who were the headliners at Coachella

I recommend watching the full version

1. BLACKPINK is daebak

2. They are seriously legends ㅜㅜ BLACKPINK is amazing

3. Rosé is crazy, she did so well

4. Wow seriously, there’s nothing Jennie can’t do

5. BLACKPINK is crazy

6. Seriously, they’re legends, I can understand why they are so popular

7. Wow, BLACKPINK is really good on stage ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Their live is amazing

8. Seriously crazy, this is a performance that will go down in K-pop history for a long time.. I still get goosebumps

9. It’s so overwhelming that I can’t describe it in words

10. This is BLACKPINK… I just want to thank you for raising the status of K-pop girl groups

11. Queen.. BLACKPINK is the best in the world

12. Seriously, it’s a shame to be able to watch this performance for free on YouTube

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Color color stan

damn they must hate their fans cause in their own paid concerts they dont perform half as good 😭 it’s always with the white audience for a racist and homophobic festival they got energy for


Cry harder

Color color stan

Why would i lol 😂


My faves hate blonks. They even make us pay to watch their lives. Of course they don’t feel they have to perform for us… we like every lazy performance they give


This is something that I have notice with a lot of groups lately is weird right?


Just get a job


I can see the ratmys in the comments arguing lmfao


Lipsyncing all the performances with a few words shouting in between. And mind you BP songs are the least challenging written in their own range with no highnotes with some of the most easiest choreographies kpop has seen to date. It’s such a joke and the ones praising these dozens are the biggest clowns.


okay, first of all.. jenlisa ate.

moving swiftly on, i knew YG will go all out for coachella, as per usual. bp’s only remarkable performance was their first coachella appearance, of course they’d want to replicate that — and I think overall they did great

but on the other side the backtrack was KILLING me for the most part, the way the girls had to scream in order to be heard over the backtrack was so… when they could be hear they delivered (well, 3 of them anyways)


Wish I went


Actually they performed better in 2019. Idk why i feel energy a bit off this time. Camerawork also bad too. Should have more backup dancers. The stage look empty. Also surprisingly their outfits this time so boring too. I thought they always care the most about their stylings. As expected, jennie somehow have most energy when performing at festivals n in front of her white celebs but back being lazy for her own paid concerts. They gonna do another stadium encore in US, lol you guys its better just attend this coachella. Its not worth it lol to attend again their concert.


Lisa gives 1000%.its worth to. Give money to jz watch her. Jennie only gives best when western celebs r watching

dot com bubble

Maybe deaf


Unfortunately I read comments before I watched the stage so it was even more disappointing.




I thought trashing on Benito was all coachella left guess I will check their performance later


Jennie only gives 💯 when she is on stage where western celebs r watching. She is jz a clout chaser. That group is worst if u take out lisa. I mean its always lisa that saves the group

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