Netizens praise BLACKPINK for their legendary performance at Coachella

The legendary performance that we just had……..

BLACKPINK who were the headliners at Coachella

I recommend watching the full version

1. BLACKPINK is daebak

2. They are seriously legends ㅜㅜ BLACKPINK is amazing

3. Rosé is crazy, she did so well

4. Wow seriously, there’s nothing Jennie can’t do

5. BLACKPINK is crazy

6. Seriously, they’re legends, I can understand why they are so popular

7. Wow, BLACKPINK is really good on stage ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Their live is amazing

8. Seriously crazy, this is a performance that will go down in K-pop history for a long time.. I still get goosebumps

9. It’s so overwhelming that I can’t describe it in words

10. This is BLACKPINK… I just want to thank you for raising the status of K-pop girl groups

11. Queen.. BLACKPINK is the best in the world

12. Seriously, it’s a shame to be able to watch this performance for free on YouTube

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