Netizens praise BLACKPINK Jisoo for her visuals and live singing skills at Coachella

Jisoo’s visuals at Coachella was crazy

Her face was crazy and she was good at singing live. Seriously, I’m rediscovering Jisoo

[+241, -59]

1. [+45, -14] Crazy, how can someone be this pretty?

2. [+44, -11] She was so cool and legendary ㅠㅠㅠ I’m so proud of her

3. [+40, -13] Jisoo who killed the live with flower scent

4. [+39, -14] Crazy, her visuals are national treasureㄷㄷ The dance was so good

5. [+35, -12] But seriously, didn’t Jisoo unnie chew the CD??

6. [+28, -10] For real, she sings well live, her voice is good too

7. [+20, -5] She’s f*cking pretty.. She looked comfortable and her stage was good

8. [+8, -1] Wow the best

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Sorry but her vocal was terrible. Especially during her solo stage. She can’t singing live.


She can’t sing properly even when she only standing still. At least others were moving or walking and it could be normal when some mistakes happen. I watched whole performance and she didn’t even bother to dance properly (she didn’t even move her legs in Forever Young tf? ) Such a disappointment. If I was a bp member (especially Lisa or Rosé) I would fight with her after that performance. I feel embarrassed the fact that I was a huge fan of hers once…

Like Crazy

Prettier than seoul cycle


You’re too kind. Both my faves are equally fugly hags

Last edited 7 months ago by BlinkPink

Seul Cycle = J-hope
And of course, she’s is more beautiful than J-horse

Ladyboy lisa

Did they have some kind gc in Pann? They hyping everything bp does 😂 while majority audience there literally ridicule their blatant lipsync over loud audio 😅


most of the audience giving them compliments 😭😭 armys and jimbo have to settle for those +45k quoted making fun of jiminah’s voice


the way yall keep bringing up those 45K quotes (which came from your fellow jobless lewsers, nothing new) just to be reminded that nobody cares about it 😭 I know yall screaming, crying every single time you realize your online yapping does absolutely NOTHING in the real world lmaooooo


Armys dont cry in the comments section challenge: Failed!


Mickey mouse what are you doing on the floor? 🤣

spicy spice

yge mediaplays are another level for sure.

spicy spice

i mean they even overhype an ultimate dozen who can’t dance, can’t sing, even can’t act in her own music video like..

Last edited 7 months ago by spicy spice

We are not talking about Hybe with Jimin’s voice, honey


No. We are talking about the real kpop mother of dozens, Kim Jisoo.


she didn’t bring nothing to her solo like she’s so stiff, bad vocals and the only ok thing is her visuals but not even that was good lol 🙈




admin has time to translate the 100th post with 45 upvotes about mid pink but doesn’t have 5 minutes to talk about moonbin’s passing…


Man are they delusional towards blackpink the dance is stupidly simple with not much movement and she still couldn’t sing well and that backing track was loud so all she had to do was blend her voice with it to make it seem like she could sing it well at the end she tried to sing loud and strained her voice and sounded bad


blackpink first kpop to headline coachella, stay mad!


Stfu all you complaining here!! There is a limit for you all to hate an idol. Did you paid a dime to watch their performance? No? Then simply shut your mouths… If you don’t like simply ignore and go and hype your favourite dozens!! You people aren’t saint or perfectos to comment about those girls!!


My fave midsoo appealing only to Koreans because she knows they love mediocrity and she has plenty of it


don’t talk like that about my fav, jin 😩


Pannkpop and knetz trying to brainwash people to think that bp are talented and good performers


onces trying to say twice is the best girl group when they can’t sell out in their home country


vocals were terrible stop lying


Better than btfads for sure

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