Netizens praise BTS Jungkook’s live singing skills after watching BBC One ‘The One Show’ SEVEN live stage

BTS Jungkook BBC One ‘The One Show’ SEVEN live stage (official account)


Interview cut

His outfit

1. Idols who are good at singing live are typical Korean idols, so they always do well wherever they go

2. Hul, he’s really good, he looks like a pop star

3. I wonder if he can do more stages even after he comes back to Korea

4. He sings live well, dances well and even raps well

5. I don’t know because I’m a muggle… Is he an idol who has many talents?

6. Wow his live is really good

7. As expected, Jeon Jungkook’s live stage was really cool

8. The atmosphere on stage is great and Jungkook sings live well too

9. That’s the image that comes to mind when you think of a real pop star

10. He’s just a pop star

11. It’s good to see Jungkook perform live, I want to see more stages

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