Netizens praise NewJeans’ dancing skills and styling in ‘Cool With You’ Official MV (Performance ver.)

NewJeans ‘Cool With You’ Official MV (Performance ver.)

1. The song, choreography and style are all perfect

2. Haerin looks like a ballerina, she suits everything

3. They have good planning skills, but the kids do well too

4. Their voices, auras and visuals are crazy

5. The choreography, outfits, and song are perfectly combined

6. I really like their choreography and outfits, they match the mood of the song

7. They dance so well

8. Wow… daebak, NewJeans is seriously daebak, whether it’s music or whatever

9. NewJeans is good at dancing

10. They look like fairies, they are so good and pretty

11. I want to see the stage soon

12. I like NewJeans because they keep trying new things

13. Wow the choreography is better than I thought

14. The song is so good and the style is so pretty

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