Netizens praise NMIXX with pre-release song “Roller Coaster” MV

NMIXX “Roller Coaster” M/V (Pre-release song!)

1. They’re so pretty, their faces and voices are so good

2. Sullyoon’s voice is so good

3. The song is so good

4. I’ve felt it before, but I think Sullyoon and Bae’s voices are really goodㅋㅋㅋ This song is especially good because it has a lot of parts for Bae

5. One of the best NMIXX songs I’ve ever listened to

6. This is my first time feeling good after listening to NMIXX’s song.. I have put it in my playlist

7. They sing well, and most of all, their voices are so good, I think this kind of song suits them so well

8. I really like the song, Haewon’s voice is crazy

9. Kyujin is good at dancing

10. Looks like they picked b-side songs really well

11. The MV is fresh and the song is good too

12. The song is good! It seems like a perfect song for the summer, I think I’ll keep listening to it for a while

13. I really like the songㅋㅋㅋㅋ

14. It’s great that the members can sing well

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