Netizens praise RIIZE’s live singing skills after they performed ‘Noona, You’re So Pretty’ on Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet

RIIZE just performed live on Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet – ‘Noona, You’re So Pretty’

For reference, Anton had a bad cold that day

1. Anton’s voice is crazy

2. Wonbin is perfect

3. As expected, SM.. They have good basic skills in both dancing and singing

4. Wonbin is really amazing, he sings really well with that face and has a nice voice

5. I like Anton’s voice

6. Wonbin’s voice is so good….

7. No, Hyori unnie’s reactions are so funny and cute

8. Hul everyone is better than I thought…?

9. I know Wonbin is good, Anton is also really good, is it because of his genes? His voice is so good

10. No, I was surprised that they did better than I expected… Why did they do everything so well?

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