Netizens react after Kai releases ‘Rover’ MV

KAI ‘Rover’ MV

1. Wow, the song and the music video are good

2. It’s perfect, I want to see him perform on stage

3. Wow I love this song

4. I like the song, it suits Kai so well

5. The song is so good and the choreography is cool too

6. Wow.. The choreography is good, this kind of fast song suits him so well

7. This song is my favorite song

8. It’s a song that suits Kai so well. I really like the concept of the MV

9. The concept really suits him

10. Hul, out of Kai’s solo title songs, I like this song the most

11. I want to see the stage soon. I love the song

12. The beat of the song is more interesting than I thought

13. I like the song. I want to watch choreography video

14. This song is crazy, it suits him so well

15. The song and concept are so good

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I was hoping Kai would carve out his own musical niche like Taemin did, but looks like the A&R team chose to follow the trends instead.

It’s not bad by any means, but it’s a very generic/unoriginal beat, nothing interesting in terms of melody and ultimately has a low replay value.

Someone with Kai’s level of star power deserves better than this.

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Flop ball sniffer. His stupid stan are nowhere to be found lol. They only appear on bts article. Claiming touching bald head, cowboy hat, etc. Even call tae, jm, hobi and jin a flop lol. This guy is actually a flop. Not even charted on melon and no need to mention spotify..he will never chart on spotify global. Karma is an army

Color color stan

His stans really wasted their efforts on fighting with armys and forgot to stream


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Ugly creature and no need to listen to his song to know its terrible. His ranking on kchart are more hideous. How come there is not article abt him not being able to chart? Bcuz korean never give fuck abt him. So does international fans. Eggs are busy with bts


he is easily the best dancer of at least 3rd gen, and a great performer






He should go to the military instead of running like a coward


Suga and rm are shaking!!!


Lol. They have culture merit. This flop is the one who run from military. He should enlist last year


—Shaking with anticipation for this freak to finally man up and stop terrorizing us with his generic flop songs Lyft


both still have time stfup you ball sniffer fan


This is one of the reason hybe wants sm so bad

dot com bubble

This? 💀


No? The talent. Compared to your idols who sound like chipmunks.
We don’t really care about these things, compared to you guys because its the only thing that you can be proud of


Talent? His sound like a dying animal lol. Dance like he’s going to fuck old lady. Ugly face, cant write a song and ball sniffer


You don’t care about it because you know exo can’t achieve what BTS has. Must really hurt watching folks you despise outperform your fads in all metrics while you scream into the void


& kai sounds like a dying goat 😂


😂😂😂 yeah because hybe was about to disband flop exo

dot com bubble

His fans were being so loud and dragging BTS members on twt only for his song to flop so hard 😭

Handsome Hyunjin

His face is weird. Maybe because he’s so old


#kaimilitaryevader #kailoserenlist


Boring. As expected for someone who fucked seoul cycle.


Wow, haters are camping everywhere and they’ve been under every post about Kai comeback this last month, that’s crazy. You’re really jobless. Anyways, stop caring about him, go outside, there’re much more interesting things to do than hating on someone, who will never will know yall


Because they’re jealous of his talent


Nobody want to be a ball sniffer and military evader. Thats the only talent he have


What talent lmao


talent? 😂


Eggs always act like a victim lol. He’s a flop bcuz he’s talentless and his stupid fans are busy with bts and army


Acting like exoflops have not been harassing BTS for 10 years. Y’all deserve every lashing given to those fads

Last edited 12 days ago by Shug

trust me nobody cares 😂 the biggest proof is that he tanked sooo bad

Saint Seungri

pigmin’s older brother 🙂


Trashri brother actually. He’s ball sniffer while trashri is s3xual offender. Oops its incelhun who is friend with trashri. Its not weird since he’s also friend with incel bj lol


where? you dumb bitch

It's whatever

People here are so pressed. Complaining about blinks and exols on BTS articles but they’re the first coming here down posting comments. Disgusting behavior.

Kai did great, the sound is great

mother dozen

i mean it better be good since they interpolated basically the whole song from dara’s mr rover😭


Eggs camping on bts OFFICIAL twitter acc is more obsessed lol. Flop on both domestic and international chart. His stupid fans are busy claiming touching bald head and cowboy hat instead of streaming and buy his song lol. Both of his group and solo are flop




can sm stop giving their artists so many remakes :/


I’m so glad Kai doesn’t release trash taemin does.

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