Netizens react after Kai releases ‘Rover’ MV

KAI ‘Rover’ MV

1. Wow, the song and the music video are good

2. It’s perfect, I want to see him perform on stage

3. Wow I love this song

4. I like the song, it suits Kai so well

5. The song is so good and the choreography is cool too

6. Wow.. The choreography is good, this kind of fast song suits him so well

7. This song is my favorite song

8. It’s a song that suits Kai so well. I really like the concept of the MV

9. The concept really suits him

10. Hul, out of Kai’s solo title songs, I like this song the most

11. I want to see the stage soon. I love the song

12. The beat of the song is more interesting than I thought

13. I like the song. I want to watch choreography video

14. This song is crazy, it suits him so well

15. The song and concept are so good

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