Netizens react after Kim Garam’s middle school responds to her controversy

Kim Garam’s middle school responds

“We can’t comment”

According to Money Today, Kim Garam’s middle school responded by saying that it is impossible for the school to reveal its position or say anything about her

[+610, -40]

1. [+460, -5] For real, if this was really untrue, they would have simply said it’s not true.. This wasn’t fabricated

2. [+352, -8] Of course they can’t answerㅋㅋ The school will be punished or disadvantaged if they say something recklessly because it concerns the security of personal information

3. [+276, -3] If this wasn’t true, the company or school could have just said it’s not true, they are trying to interfere with itㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+102, -1] But if this wasn’t true, the school would have looked at her personal record and said it wasn’t true, stop shielding her

5. [+89, -0] We can’t comment = it’s true. They can’t comment because it’s her private information

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