Netizens react after listening to the preview of songs from TWICE Nayeon’s album

TWICE Nayeon album song preview “IM SNIPPET 2 – LOVE COUNTDOWN (Feat. Wonstein)”

LOVE COUNTDOWN (Feat. Wonstein)

NO PROBLEM (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids)

1. I really like the second song, it’s refreshing

2. Wow the songs are good

3. The second song is so good

4. The song quality is amazing!! .. The song is good and Nayeon’s voice is so beautiful!!

5. The song is good but the lyrics are all in English…? What?

6. The melody is good but the English lyrics don’t match because of her pronunciation

7. English album..?

8. All the songs are amazing…

9. Nayeon’s voice suits male singers so well, I hope she releases more solo songs

10. The songs are good, I’m looking forward to the album

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