Netizens react after seeing Jinni’s knees

Look at Jinni’s knees

Wasn’t her knee bruised while dancing?

Why did the kid who had been practicing so hard suddenly left the group?

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1. [+87, -1] She worked hard on her body, trained hard, and her perseverance was amazing. It was a pity that she left, but she debuted in a big group and stood on a big stage anyway and she endured as a trainee for 7 years… I wonder if she can’t do something with that mind and experience… She’s only 19 years old, so I’ll be cheering for you, Jinni. I hope you will do something better

2. [+47, -0] NMIXX is like that, and I think they should refrain from the choreography that dances with their knees

3. [+38, -1] Her knee is bruised

4. [+16, -129] Did her knee really get bruised while dancing?

5. [+16, -0] Hul.. Look at her knees, she really worked hard

6. [+5, -0] ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ My heart still wants to cry… Jinni-ya, Jinni-ya

7. [+1, -1] What is the reason?

8. [+1, -0] Seriously, female idols’ bruised legs hurt my heart ㅠㅠ

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spicy spice

4. [+16, -129] Did her knee really get bruised while dancing?

this comment really deserved that downvotes.


Not just downvote but should be shamed with their face on internet they are disgusting. These people think they have power of anonymity so they can speak just anything 🙄


that’s what happened on this site. Go to blackpink article and you can see people on this site are not any better ‘These people think they have power of anonymity so they can speak just anything 🙄’


the rumor about her going to motel rooms with that steve guy is unsettling

spicy spice

but it’s not like she’s having that bruises without any reasons cuz nmixx’s choreo esp their recent comeback (i forgot the title) was using knee, literally both of her knees. it just show how hard she went for practice. i’m not her or nmixx’s fan but that one comment really way too harsh.


I wonder why she left the group I read she was training ever since she was 12 thats such a long time and their group was also doing well I hope its not coz her company was being shady


Isn’t JYP one of of the better big 4 companies? Like, SM and YG usually get hated on by fans for being shady with their contracts but usually JYP I heard is pretty fair.


Jype is just as shit I mean the co. The only thing good was that man (yeah no matter how much ppl make fun of him or hate him he was really good and took care of the artist under him no wonder ppl still respect him even when they left jype)

Grace Walker

There are rumors circulating that she was meeting her boyfriend another male Idol at hotels. The article is posted on Allkpop.


I don’t believe on those things for a sec, but let’s just say its true yeah she does have a bf so what? They ain’t gonna remove her from the group and even the company


but if it’s true the issue is that it’s illegal so of course they’d remove her before it became an issue.. the rumored bf is an adult in korea, she is a minor, it’s insinuating illegal intercourse occured + some sort of guardian or jinni’s parents was complicit as minors cannot go to motels and have rooms without guardian permission


Really curious as to why her contract was terminated cause if it’s for health reasons, JYP gives their artists a break or hiatus. Heck, even in a bullying scandal, JYP just gives them a break and then don’t remove them. But this time, it’s just for “personal reasons.”


That one comment is slut-shaming. That’s disgusting.


Thats not bruise ffs. The lighting made it looks so

Ki Ki

No it’s not the lighting. That’s what your knees look like when you’ve been kneeling too long. O.O’s choreo has a lot of floor work

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